The Grout Medic of St. Louis is your one-stop-shop for grout cleaning and repair in the Greater St. Louis Area.

At The Grout Medic of St. Louis, we believe that your tile and grout don’t always need to be replaced when they look in a state of disarray. While you may be tempted to replace your grout or tile completely, consider getting a second opinion from the local experts.

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When hiring a tile and grout contractor in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas, make sure to check their online reviews. You can view our reviews on Google, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Facebook!

Living with Loose or Broken Tiles?

If you have broken or loosened tiles, that’s a key sign that your tiles and grout are in need of repair or replacement. Failure to do so could result in water damage beneath the tile’s surface. We offer comprehensive tile and grout repair and even tile water damage repair. Make sure your kitchen and bathroom tile is properly sealed and protected by calling a local, insured tile and grout contractor in the Greater St. Louis area.

About The Grout Medic of St. Louis – Grout Cleaning & Repair Company in St. Louis, Missouri

The Grout Medic of St. Louis is your premier tile repair, grout repair, tile cleaning, tile repair & replacement, grout color sealing, recaulking and regrouting company. We understand we are not the only option when it comes to tile and grout services, but we want you to know we go out of our way to provide unrivaled tile and grout cleaning and repair services, as well as unrivaled customer service. So, why should you choose The Grout Medic of St. Louis for your tile or grout project?

  • The Grout Medic of St. Louis utilizes only methods and products that are completely safe for you, your family, and our environment. Simultaneously, the effect of our cleaning, staining, and sealing services are long-lasting and will definitely exceed your every expectation.
  • There is no tile and grout project that is too small or too large. We provide tile and grout cleaning, repair, and replacement for both small residential projects and enormous commercial projects.
  • We have completed hundreds of grout cleaning, grout repair, regrouting, tile repair, tile grout color sealing, and recaulking projects for hundreds of highly-satisfied residential and commercial customers.
  • Each and every technician at The Grout Medic of St. Louis is highly-trained to accurately evaluate your tile or grout repair/cleaning needs and recommend and perform the specific procedure to ensure your tile looks as good as new once the project has been completed.
  • Once we have completed your tile and grout project, we make sure to clean up the area so thoroughly that you’d never know we were there – with exception of the fact that your tile and grout look practically brand new.

About The Grout Medic of St. Louis Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning, Tile Repair, and Tile Cleaning Services

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Grout  Sealing

Sealing your grout after it’s been thoroughly clean is absolutely essential to ensure that it looks clean and gorgeous long after the cleaning has taken place. Once your grout has been sealed, this will help to drastically reduce the amount of dirt, dust, grime and mold that often enters the porous surface of the grout. If left unsealed, your grout will likely begin to show signs of discoloration within just a few weeks depending on the amount of foot traffic in that area. Remember, grout is extremely porous and, therefore, requires a proper coat of sealant to keep those discoloring agents from penetrating it.

We offer a clear grout sealant that will provide both a nice sheen and protect your grout and completely cures within about 3 days after its application. Tile grout sealing is highly recommended once any tile and grout cleaning job is completed. The sealant will ensure that your grout looks great for years to come. While our grout sealer is rated for many years more than just two years, we do recommend that your tile’s grout is sealed every two years, approximately, for best results and improved appearance.

Grout Staining

We also offer a variety of tile grout color sealants if you’d like to update the appearance of your tiled surfaces. You would be amazed at how impactful it can be to change the color of your tile’s grout. It can often be a “night and day” difference in appearance. It’s such a dramatic transformation that your closest friends will think you’ve had your entire kitchen or bathroom completely re-tiled. Our grout staining formula will penetrate your grout and will make it look natural, as opposed to making it look as though your grout was painted. This is a very important distinction and one that truly separates the pros from the amateurs. It’s just another reason you should perform your homework when considering a tile grout staining company.

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Grout Cleaning

The Grout Medic of St. Louis utilizes a low-pressure, high-heat steam cleaning system that will thoroughly remove all discoloring agents from your grout and eviscerate any bacteria, mold, viruses, or other germs. The water vapor is heated up to 310°F and is extremely effective at removing the dirt, grime, and mold from your grout. It’s worth noting, prior to any steam cleaning takes place, your tiled surface must be swept and vacuumed in order to remove any residual dust, dirt, and grime. Failure to perform this simple task will only result in those same discoloring agents re-entering your grout’s porous surface. Lastly, we don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your grout – ever. Nor do we use high-pressure cleaning that could damage your grout.

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Regrouting your tiled surface is absolutely not a DIY project. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch, you absolutely should consult a professional tile and grout company before you undertake this task. If you attempt to remove the old grout and don’t know what you’re doing, you may end up damaging your tiles and costing yourself much more money than if you’d done nothing at all. If you don’t remove old, bad grout and simply apply a new coat of grout on top of the old grout you’ll end up with a discolored appearance and most likely have some of the new grout bleed over onto your tile due to lack of enough area for adhesion.

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Our Grout Cleaner

We are extremely proud to utilize an effective, high-heat, low-pressure steam cleaner that doesn’t incorporate any harsh chemicals to bring back the beauty of your grout. There are companies that utilize high-pressure grout cleaning, however, high-pressure grout cleaning can actually fracture your tile’s grout in some cases. In addition to removing discoloring agents, the 310°F vapor will eliminate any germs hiding out in your grout.

Your Estimate

Simply call us at 314-408-6531 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your no-obligation, in-home or business consultation. We will work with you to identify all necessary repairs, as well as areas for improvement in terms of appearance. No matter how far gone you think your tiled surface is, make sure to get a free, second opinion from the local experts at The Grout Medic of St. Louis. We’ve been serving the Greater St. Louis area for many years and there’s a reason we’re still in business – we offer an excellent, effective service at an extremely fair price.

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Why should you hire a professional to clean your tile and grout?

Simply put, your tile and grout won’t retain their beauty after years and years of foot traffic. Furthermore, a simple sweeping and mopping won’t completely rectify all the discoloration that’s occurred as a result. That’s precisely why we are in business! We utilize hot water vapor to remove these discoloring agents and then re-apply a new coating of grout sealant that will keep your grout looking great for years to come.

Whether you’re searching for grout cleaning, grout repair, grout color sealing, tile repair, or any other grout-related service, make sure to rely on the local experts. Remember, who you hire matters and grout and tile repair are not a do-it-yourself-project.

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