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Do you have tile water damage in your home? Water damage from broken pipes and overflown toilets to more prolonged damage such as mold and mildew build-up from broken seals or slow, hidden leaks is certainly a headache for any homeowner. Don’t do the work yourself, especially as an inexperienced DIYer. The Grout Medic of St. Louis will provide tile water damage repair for your University City home and return your tile to its former beauty.

tile water damage repair in University City MO

University City Tile Water Damage Repair Should be Handled by an Expert

We’ve seen water damage to tiling in homes that were built no more than a year or two before we arrived. As a result of the contractor cutting shortcuts and failing to properly waterproof and seal the backboard underneath the tiling, this problem has arisen. Tile water damage repair is one of our specialties, and we execute it virtually every week! Ignoring the problem can quickly turn into a major issue, so don’t be afraid to approach it full-on. If you discover any evidence of tile water damage, it’s best to address the problem immediately.

In addition, if your bathtub or shower’s grout or caulk is deteriorating, water is more than likely to leak into the crevices and into your wall or floorboard. In the long run, this might wind up costing you quite a bit of money, depending on how long it’s been a problem for you. Obtaining quotes for the repair is essential because of this. As a result, you’ll be able to observe which companies advocate particular actions and why. We take great pleasure in our work, and we will do it well the first time you ask for our assistance.

tile water damage repair St. Louis MO

Unforeseen Disasters That You Shouldn’t Have to Deal With

Unfortunately, calamities in and around your house will occur from time to time. Floods and water main breaks are severe examples, but lesser ones such as clogged toilets, sink overflows, and equipment leaks like a dishwasher can cause a lot of damage in a very short span of time. You’ll want to be sure that the contractor who works on your property is licensed and insured. The Grout Medic of St. Louis has been operational in the Greater St. Louis area for years and our reviews show just how competent we are when it comes to our tile work. Depending on the severity of your damage, we can generally repair your tile within a day, perhaps two.

Don’t trust your tile water damage repairs in University City to just anyone. Trust the Grout Medic of St. Louis for all of your grout and tile needs.

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Grout Medic of St. Louis also provides further services.

In addition to grout cleaning, The Grout Medic of St. Louis provides a number of specialist services for both commercial and residential customers. These include grout cleaning, color sealing, tile replacement, grout repair, and regrouting.

Are you ready to get your University City home’s tile water damage repaired so it sparkles like new?

If you need high-quality steam cleaning services for your tiles and grout in the St. Louis area, contact The Grout Medic. We provide a free, no-obligation, in-person consultation. Feel free to give us a call at 314-408-6531 or send us a message on our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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