How Long Has it Been Since Your St. Louis, MO Grout Was Cleaned?

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St. Louis grout cleaningIf it’s been so long that you can’t even remember the last time your St. Louis grout was cleaned, then it’s most likely extremely overdue. First, do you even remember the original color of your tile’s grout? If so, compare that color to its current color. If there’s a drastic difference it original and present appearance, then your grout is probably packed to the brim with dirt, grime, and other discoloring agents. When it comes to St. Louis grout cleaning, we recommend relying on a local, insured grout cleaning company. At The Grout Medic of St. Louis, we can clean and seal your grout in just one day! Furthermore, we’ll ensure that your tiled surfaces look as good as new by the time we’ve completed the project. We offer all new customers a 100% free, no-obligation consultation. Just as any other home services company, we are adhering to all CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes temperature checking our employees, utilizing face masks, as well as utilizing sanitizing agents for any areas in which our technicians operate. If you’d like to claim your free St. Louis grout cleaning estimate, call us today at 314-408-6531!

Why can’t I just clean my grout with a brush and a cleaning solution?

St. Louis grout cleaning and grout sealingThe answer to this question is, “you absolutely can”. However, if you’ve been relatively lax on keeping up with maintaining your tile’s grout, then it’s most likely lost its protective sealant and has been completely saturated, deeply, with dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, and more. The key thing to remember about grout is that it is, without a proper sealant, extremely susceptible to dirt and other discoloring agents getting embedded in it. The reason for this is that grout is very porous, by nature. Our high-heat, low-pressure grout cleaning will push out these discoloring agents while sanitizing the grout, simultaneously. Once the discoloring agents have been brought to the surface, we’ll continuously wipe them away and repeat the process. After this is done, we’ll then apply a clear or color sealant to keep your grout looking great for years to come.

So, in short, you can clean your grout with a brush and pH-neutral cleaning solution, but you won’t be able to completely remove all the years’ worth of dirt, grime, mold, and dust that’s so deeply embedded in your grout. We’ve seen this time and time again when it comes to St. Louis grout cleaning. So, if you’d like to learn more about how to clean your grout without it becoming a major pain in the neck for you or your spouse, just call The Grout Medic of St. Louis. We’ll have your tile and grout looking spectacular again in just one day.

You can reach us anytime by calling us at 314-408-6531 or by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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