Should You Ever Use Ammonia or Bleach to Clean Your Grout in St. Louis?

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When your grout’s color begins to change, and not for the better, you more than likely head directly to your cabinet that contains all your cleaning solutions. We’ve had several customers ask us about cleaning their tile and grout with bleach and solutions that contain ammonia. We highly recommend that you do not use any cleaning solutions that contain either bleach or ammonia! We recommend only using pH neutral cleaning solutions to remove some of the dirt and grime that’s accumulated on and in your tile’s grout. The reason for this is that caustic chemicals can cause pretty severe discoloration of your tile’s grout. If you have any questions about how to clean your grout and which cleaning solution you should use, feel free to call us anytime at 314-408-6531!

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At The Grout Medic of St. Louis, we utilize low-pressure, high-heat steam cleaning to remove the discoloring agents from your grout. Again, no matter how hard and vigorously you scrub your tile’s grout, you won’t be able to remove the discoloring agents that have settled deep within your grout. Remember, grout is extremely porous, especially if not sealed, and will allow dirt, grime, and even mold to cultivate in it. While cleaning solutions will provide some temporary reprieve for your tile and grout’s appearance, it doesn’t fully address the underlying issue. Even if your tile is brand new and shinier than ever, it will still appear dirty and dingy if your grout’s dirty.

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If your tiled floors or shower area appears extremely dirty from years and years of the build-up of dirt, grime, and mold, then we recommend a deep cleaning by The Grout Medic. We’ll ensure that your tile and grout look nearly completely brand new by the time we’ve completed the project. Additionally, we’ll also offer grout sealing to ensure that your grout remains protected for years to come. This is pertinent to the longevity of your grout and we recommend having your grout cleaned and sealed approximately every two years, depending on the foot traffic volume per the area.

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For all your tile and grout cleaning questions and service needs, rely on The Grout Medic of St. Louis. We also offer a 100% free consultation to all new customers and will bring your tile back to life. Call us today at 314-408-6531 or fill out our contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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