Color Sealing Your Tile’s Grout Can Make All The Difference In The World For Your Tile’s Appearance

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grout color sealingGrout color sealing has the unrivaled ability to completely transform your tiled surfaces’ appearance without the expensive need of replacing your tile. It’s because of this that grout color sealing is becoming more and more popular. Did you recently move into a new home and don’t like how the tile looks? If so, a simple grout color sealing project may take care of it. Is your grout dirty and discolored? Not to worry, as we’ll clean and apply a new color seal that not only changes your tiled surface’s appearance but also protects your grout from further discoloration from dirt, grime, mold, etc. Grout color sealing is not a DIY project, although we’ve seen it tried. Honestly, we mostly see this with grout pens. We highly recommend that you do not ever use a grout pen to try and improve the appearance of your grout. Think of a grout pen as you would “touch up” paint for your vehicle. You wouldn’t want your entire car or truck colored with touch up paint, would you? Of course not, so you shouldn’t use a grout pen for all of your grout, either. If you’d like to learn more about our tile grout color sealing options, you can always call us anytime at 314-408-6531.

Is grout color sealing the same as painting grout?

grout color sealing company in St. Louis MONo, we cannot emphasize enough that grout color sealing doesn’t involve paint. We further cannot emphasize enough to never use paint of any sort to color your tiled surface’s grout. This will only end badly, as we have seen, time and time again. Essentially, think of tile grout color sealing as a staining process that’s designed to protect your grout. We never utilize paint, nor should you. This is a question we often hear, so we want to address this head-on. A lot of people will literally call it “grout paint”, simply because it contains grout paint; this is similar to assuming that car paint and house paint are the same things. Grout color sealing utilizes a specific type of color sealant/stain to dramatically alter the appearance of your existing tile and grout, without paint.

How long does grout color sealing take?

Well, that depends entirely on the volume of area that needs to be sealed. However, in nearly all cases, we’re able to clean and apply the new color seal in just one day. We specialize in ensuring your tile and grout are brought back to life; in fact, it’s what we do nearly every single day of the week. We’ll make sure your tile and grout look as good as new or better by the time we’ve completed your grout color sealing project. So, if you’d like to learn more about grout color sealing in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas, call The Grout Medic of St. Louis today.

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