Why Grout Cleaning and Sealing is So Important for Your Tile’s Overall Appearance

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If you’re searching for grout cleaning and grout sealing in Kirkwood, MO, you’ve come to the right place! Professional tile and grout cleaning, in our opinion, is extremely necessary to keep the tiled surfaces in your home or company looking new and attractive. If your grout is strewn about, it will detract from the aesthetic of your entire tiled surface. Grout is extremely porous, and discoloring agents such as dirt, filth, mold, and moisture will permeate it. Even if your grout is sealed, the sealer will wear off over time. Every few years, have your grout cleaned, and every two years, have your grout sealed. While you may not notice your grout’s dull, dingy appearance since it develops gradually over time, your guests certainly will.

grout cleaning in Kirkwood MO

What are the benefits of working with a Kirkwood, Missouri grout cleaning professional?

Grout has a high porosity, making it vulnerable to the accumulation of dirt and dust over time. The amount of foot movement on a tiled floor might influence how soon grout discolors. Mopping your floor will only drive dirt deeper into the tile’s grout if you haven’t swept and vacuumed the tiled floor first. Therefore, hiring a professional grout cleaning business is critical, as they will have the necessary equipment to do a good job. Grout has some interesting facts that you may not be aware of:

  • Grout that has lost its sealant serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that are dangerous to humans.
  • The ingrained dirt in your tile’s grout cannot be removed using standard cleaning procedures.
  • Grout will be harmed if you use household cleaning products that aren’t pH neutral.
  • The specialists at Grout Medic of St. Louis are all well-versed in the best procedures for removing the discoloring chemicals from your grout and sealing the grout properly for further protection.
  • When you have The Grout Medic clean your old, dirty grout, you’ll see how dirty your tile was before and how clean and new it looks now.

professional grout cleaning in Kirkwood MO

If you’re wondering how spectacular your tile and grout will look once we’ve completed our project, please visit our “before and after” photo gallery. This is a great way to check out our previous work and to understand that we do perform additional services, as well as simple grout cleaning and sealing in Kirkwood, MO. We take pride in our ability to take your old and dirty tile and grout and dramatically transform them, usually within just one day.

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